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Meet Atlanta Creatives

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Atlanta’s is one of the most prominent cities in the South and while it hasn’t always been known for its fashion, today’s Atlanta youth are quickly changing that.

While streetwear fashion has swept the nation, Atlanta is no exception, but no one does it quite the same.

Meet, Devin “Stretch” Clonts, a 23-year-old customizer from Atlanta, Georgia. Stretch began by doing restorations for extra cash during his high school years.

However, this quickly took off as he continued to get positive feedback on his restorations and personal customs.

Stretch continues to produce incredible customs and most recently a pair of Air Force 1 Low done for Slimesito (rapper).

Stretch states, “I’m proud of this piece because it garnered more exposure for my page (@Clonts.customs), as well as it was my first time doing a custom piece for an artist.”

If you want to keep up with Stretch’s work or order your own custom heat, check him out on Instagram @clonts.customs or


Teferi Taylor has had a passion for photography and fashion since he was 13 years old. Since then, Teferi’s passion for street photography and fashion has only grown. He emphasizes creativity and variety whether he is behind or in front of the lens.

Teferi was recently featured in the second Nike SNKRS Atlanta capsule. However, he has been a sneakerhead long before Nike snapped his picture a few weeks ago. Paying homage to iconic Jordan 1 color ways, Teferi captured his levitation shot with the Shattered Backboard, Royal, and Bred colorways.

Teferi states that the shot, “took about 5-6 different exposures to create. It was a piece I could honestly say I really let creativity free.”

If your looking to get your picture taken by one of the hottest photographers in Atlanta or get some inspiration for your outfits, you can find Teferi on Instagram @taylormadegq/@tektography or his website.


Last but certainly not least, Keon, originally from Orlando, Florida but has lived in Atlanta for the past few years. Keon is a jack of all trades and pursues photography, design, fashion and customizing.

He began drawing at the age of 5 and the rest has come with time and experimentation. Keon’s work is certain to turn heads. One of his most recent works was done on a pair of Travis Scott AF1s.

He dyed the upper portion of the sneaker and, “it started with just one color & the more I looked at it the more I thought to myself, “I can do better than this.” So I said f*** what anyone else would think… The reason I’m proud of this particular piece is because I didn’t let my fear of failing hold me back and that was a big leap for me.”

However, Keon’s customizing doesn’t end with sneakers. There is no telling where inspiration may come from, even some spare shoe laces. Keon got to work the laces and unveiled a new pair of custom denim jeans. Unfortunately, these look to be a personal creation but we are all eagerly awaiting an opportunity to place an order.

If you want to follow Keon’s journey in the fashion world, check out his Instagram @bvdgvy.


These are just a taste of the new creatives coming up in Atlanta and we are eager to see how they take the city by storm! Stay tuned to Laced Up to get more street wear news!


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